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    About Us

    Who We Are

    Jood company was established in Berlin, Germany. The company was proactive and realized that Germany was the ideal destination for conduction business. Given that the business culture is thriving there, it provides a thrust to business growth. Moreover, the large number of qualified individuals helps businesses get access to trained workforce that push the business forward. Jood has always been fortunate to align with the business culture of Berlin (and Germany as a whole).

    Welcome to our Lady 21 store! On our online store, you can find thousands of amazing products at unbelievably affordable prices. We aim to position our E-store as a one stop shopping destination for all beauty needs of women who are or feel like 21 or under. Age is just a number, and we want our customers to continue looking young and charming across ages.

    Since the outset, we have always worked very closely with our suppliers. These business-partners have been instrumental in helping us uphold our product quality. Because of their phenomenal products and services, we manage to deliver premium solutions to our customers. Additionally, we have established close partnerships with warehousing, logistics, and import/export companies to facilitate smooth sale transactions.

    Our Products

    At Lady 21, our variety and quality of products in our popular niche help us stand out from the competition. Today, we are one of the top choices for girls, around the world, who are or feel like 21 or under. These girls are beauty conscious, and our partners help us supply a wide range of high-quality feminine products to them.

    Why our Products Rock?

    • Unparalleled quality
    • Extensive logistical network for smooth and timely delivery across multiple countries
    • Prices that our customers (and their pockets) love
    • 24 by 7 customer service
    • Our open and transparent approach with our suppliers and other business partners
    Our Company Motto

    At Lady 21, is to facilitate a quality life without borders. Towards the same end, we have successfully established distribution systems across various large economies of the world. Once ordered online, our products can be shipped to USA, China, Canada, England, much of Europe, Australia, and India among others. This gives us access to a large customer base that appreciates good-quality product that keeps them healthy and looking gorgeous.